"Stop making stupid mistakes. If only they’d follow the rules"

For those who have just had a mental response of ‘How stupid was it that they would use cells that old?’, ‘Darwin Award winner’ or similar, you have just demonstrated some of the mental biases and shortcuts (heuristics) which are part of the way our brain is wired for efficiency. These mental shortcuts are how we deal with the complex and ambiguous world we live in, and we do this all the time. Most of the time it doesn't matter, sometimes it is critical.

Cave Destinations

So, you’ve finished your cave class in North Florida and want to check out different locations. You’ve heard that Mexico has some amazing caves but is that really it? Just Northern Florida and Mexico? Nope!
How to Assemble a backplate Harness

How to Assemble a Backplate and Continuous Weave Harness

The assembly of a backplate and a continuous weave harness is a skill that many experienced divers have perfected throughout years of diving, helping them to understand the details and layout of the dive gear they are depending on.


Technical diving may involve extended bottom times, perhaps at relatively deep depths, with additional time spent underwater during mandatory decompression stops. Sometimes a diver will be able to meet his gas supply requirements with a single high-capacity cylinder, though more frequently he/she will opt for double cylinders.

Reasons to Take a Live aboard Trip to Cocos Island

This paradise is located 342 miles (550 km) from the Costa Rican mainland. The island itself is only 10 square miles, so diving at Cocos is only possible from a liveaboard. Cocos Island live aboards depart from Puntarenas and take approximately 36 hours to reach their destination. Generally, itineraries range from 8 to 10 nights.

Five Things You Should Know about PFO

Decompression illness is a poorly understood risk for scuba divers and especially for technical divers. Conservative diving practices are the best way to lower the risk of DCI.  Despite these practices, some divers have recurrent Type II or skin bends - the types associated with PFO - and should consider being evaluated for PFO. The best screening test is a “regular” transthoracic echocardiogram with the injection of agitated saline (“bubble study”). 

Best Holiday Gifts for Tech Divers

Looking for the perfect gift you the tech diver in you life? Or trying to figure out how to spoil yourself with new tech gear for the holidays? Look no further, we've rounded up the latest and greatest from our 2017 Mission Tech sponsors.

Why Your Debriefs Are Longer After a Technical Training Dive

Most, if not all, technical dive teams will debrief after every dive. Typical discussions include what went well, what didn’t, and any fixes for next time for each of the areas listed above.

Stop Using These Items, Start Recycling

It’s no secret that 7 billion humans have a profound impact on our environment on the macro and micro scale.

Behind the Scenes of a Tech Dive Photoshoot

If I had to say anything about this trip it would be: "Is this real life? This is my job? Holy crap, I love this!"

Cylinder Elearning Training - $39.95 as required by OSHA

Cylinder Awareness training has long been out of reach for many people due to the difficulty finding a course in your local area. In addition, it may at times seem very cost prohibitive. That is now changing with the new eLearning Cylinder Awareness training course brought to you by SDI.

TDI Cavern Discovery

The allure of a new environment is always tempting, especially when you are diving in clear water and it appears "easy" to just poke your head in. Let’s face it, divers are explorers and adventurers - just poking our head in to see is not going to be enough. Don't do it unless you are properly trained or have a TDI Cavern Discovery Instructor with you.