TDI Cavern Discovery

By: Sean Harrison

There’s a cavern, I want to look in there!

The allure of a new environment is always tempting, especially when you are diving in clear water and it appears “easy” to just poke your head in. Let’s face it, divers are explorers and adventurers – just poking our head in to see is not going to be enough. Don’t do it unless you are properly trained or have a TDI Cavern Discovery Instructor with you.

Who should I get to take me in there?

Locate a TDI Cavern Discovery Instructor at to take you into the cavern zone. Caverns can be misleading and what seems like an easy dive can turn dangerous very quickly. A TDI Cavern Discovery Instructor can introduce you to the cavern and show you all its beauty.

What if I liked the Cavern Discovery dive?

Of course you did – it was a new and amazing adventure! Your TDI Cavern Discovery Instructor is also a TDI Cavern Instructor; that’s what sets them apart from all other cavern guides. TDI Cavern Discovery Instructors have been trained by the best and put through a full vetting process. Be careful of “cavern guides” – not all hold the same qualifications. Make sure to check that they have been trained and have the experience. Rest assured that a TDI Cavern Discovery Instructor has both training and experience.

Why does this matter?

It matters because your safety is a priority at all times and your Cavern Discovery Instructor will help to minimize the risk involved with this type of experience. You will be accompanied by someone that will reduce the impact that divers have on the caverns and surrounding environment. It also matters because if you want to move forward and take the TDI Cavern Diver course, you already have experience with your soon-to-be instructor. What better way to see if cavern diving is for you and if your instructor is a good fit?

What’s next?

Click here to find a TDI Cavern Discovery Instructor at your destination. Contact them, arrange some Cavern Discovery dives, and have fun and get your TDI Cavern Discovery Experience Card now.

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