How Did You Come Up with Your Logo?

A question that most business owners have addressed more than they care to remember!

Life certainly takes some interesting twists and turns; add to it the element of developing a business from scratch and things can get really interesting. As we settled into our new Worldwide Headquarters in Jensen Beach, Florida, the company came just a little closer to its roots! TDI™ was originally founded in Miami, Florida. As boxes stacked around the room started to diminish and a place was found for just about everything, it was time for the “fun box.” If you have experienced a move you know the “fun box,” you just may call it by a different name; it’s that special box that when you start to unpack it, you are unpacking history along with the items inside.

It was late in the day. Some of the staff found themselves exhausted sitting on the floor gathering the energy to drive home. We all watched as Brian Carney, the company’s president who had worked side by side with us all day long said, ”Just one more thing before we call it a day.” The grunts could be heard; the eyes rolled in more than just one head. ”Stay where you are… I got it,” he added. Brian reached into the “fun box,” but what would he reach for? One of the early CCR images… an image of a BIG pelagic from a trip gone by? We all knew the images from our old offices in Maine but this would tell us which Brian’s favorite one was. His hands held a smaller frame than expected, a framed napkin? Yes, it was a framed napkin with what resembled our TDI™ logo.

Brian shared with us how just a couple of years back Mitch Skaggs called him to say, “Hey I just found something going through some of my files that I think you will want. I’ll ship it you”. Even with much prodding, Mitch would not disclose what it was. A couple of days passed and the package arrived, in it the fateful napkin. This, of course, prompted another call to Mitch who explained the history behind it. In 1992, while seated at a kitchen table, Tanya Burnett and Mitch sketched what would become the logo for what is now the world’s largest and most recognized Technical Diving Agency …TDI™. History has a way of grounding us and helping us better understand the path we are on. Obviously this “napkin” has become one of the company’s most prized possessions!

The moral of the story is dare to dream of what can be; also, when you’re dreaming late some evening at a kitchen table, make sure you have something more substantial to doodle on than a napkin…and easier to frame! Who knows how BIG your idea will someday become.

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