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By: John Bentley

So, you’ve finished your cave class in North Florida and want to check out different locations. You’ve heard that Mexico has some amazing caves but is that really it? Just Northern Florida and Mexico?
While Northern Florida has been given the title of “Cave Country,” it’s a little bit of a misnomer. Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, and other US states have plenty more to boast about with caves and cave diving, not to mention the insane density of caves in Mexico. But let’s take a look outside of North America.

Dominican Republic:

The DR has incredibly impressive cave systems and a great infrastructure for diving. With plenty of TDI Cave Instructors, cave guides, and dive centers, the diving aspect is easy. Lodging and food can range from the high end resorts to hostel- style lodgings in more remote areas. Cave access can require more technical abilities, especially to the less traveled systems, but the popular caves can be accessed without technical rope skills.


Belize is known for all kinds of land activities for vacation goers and is home to a blue hole, which attracts divers of all kinds. It also houses Giant Cave and Winter Wonderland, two amazing cave systems. Entering these systems is as easy as a short swim, and the land- based activities post dive are abundant.

Thailand We already have an article on Thailand, check it out here:


While the temperature in France makes some people immediately shy away from cave diving, the systems that exist should encourage you to invest in better dry suit undies. France hosts an impressive array of caves with rooms, circuits, and architecture to make even the most formation- spoiled karst hunter take a step back.


When divers think about traveling “down under,” they typically think of reef snakes and a particularly famous reef system. The ocean diving in Aus can’t be missed, and it is certainly worth being the icon of Australian diving. With that said, the caves in Australia might throw some more challenge in for the tourist cave diver. More technical entries or primitive lodging may be necessary, but the untouched beauty of these areas is stunning. The caves of Australia have very specific regulations surrounding them,them; however, there are methods in place for visitors to access the caves.


While some might consider the gloriously decorated Bahamian caves to be just as famous as Mexico or North Florida, they’re worth a mention here. The Bahamas has some of the most decorated cave systems that exist, not to mention a topside culture that is begging for you to join them on vacation.

So, While North Florida and Mexico house thousands of awesome dive sites, put those extra travel points to use and take a step towards a new kind of adventure, even if it requires some extra gear hauling, dry gloves, or bug spray.

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