Ten Best Scuba Dive Sites Malta and Gozo

Here is a list of the ten best dive sites on Malta and Gozo. It reflects a vote by former students and Instructors who visited the islands for pleasure and training. The list contains both sport and tech sites, although most involve technical diving depths. Any are worth a dip if you are qualified.

1. Cirkewwa 

This is one of the most versatile dive sites on Malta. It boasts areas that suit both sport and tech diving depths. Whether you’re on a single cylinder, doubles/twinset, sidemount or rebreather, you’ll enjoy this dive. There are two wrecks, Tug Boat ROZI and P29 Patrol Boat. Additionally, you will find two arches, anchors and various swim-throughs.

2. Um El faroud

This wreck was sunk in 1998 and is now an artificial reef. Later is was split in half due to a heavy storm. The wreck sits at about 36 m/120 ft. deep and.  is approximately 110 m/360 ft. in length. This provides a great dive for both advanced, sport and technical divers. There are good penetration areas for those with the proper training.

3. The Inland Sea 

This site is located on Gozo. It consists of an 80 m/260 ft. tunnel leading to open sea with an amazing wall dive. Tech divers can reach depths of 60 m/200 ft. Sport divers can remain in the 20-30 m/65-100 ft. range.

4. The Blue Hole and Coral Gardens 

On Gozo there is a blue hole that leads to open water. It used to be the iconic Azure Window. This collapsed during a storm. Many say the site is even better now with various rock formations.

5. HMS Stubborn 

This technical dive is an intact submarine lying on a sandy bottom at approximately 57 m/190 ft. The visibility can be simply amazing.

6. Polynesian 

Again, another great scuba diving boat dive. This was once a luxury French cruise liner. However, now It lies in depths between 60-65 m/200-210 ft. It’s a very large vessel with loads to see. In fact, we think one dive does not do it justice.

7. Xlendi, Karwela and Comino land 

This is said to be one of the best shore dives on Gozo. You can do three wrecks in one dive if suitably equipped. All three wrecks are in 40 m/132 ft. of water. The depths and times involved require a minimum of Decompression Procedures training.

8. Billingshurst Cave

Quite a difficult site, better suited to certified Cave Divers.

9. Santa Maria Caves Of Comino 

Your best bet is setting aside a full day for this area. There are several sea caves and swim-throughs. Depths are suitable for sport divers. This is a very scenic dive site.

10. Middle Finger 

Lastly is a site for tech divers wishing to employ their advanced qualifications, be it open circuit or rebreather. It is literally 10 m/33 ft. from the shore and a drop of only 10 m/33 ft. to the top of the finger. You can then continue to beyond 100 m/330 ft. This is a good site for more advanced technical training.

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