A Night Dive Turned Inside Out

National-GeographicWant to try something really cool? If you like night dives, this may be something for you. As Buddy Dive’s March Storm from Bonaire likes to call this, “A Night Dive Turned Inside Out”. The general idea behind a “normal” night dive is to go for a dive with a flashlight to witness the amazing activity that can only be seen once the sun has set… the creatures of the night. You can take this one step further with what is known as a fluorescent night diving experience, or glow dive.

During a glow dive, divers use a special UV Light and a Special Contrast Lens that goes over their masks for a combined effect that produces a very different sort of underwater glow. People who have experienced this type of night dive have called it “a psychedelic effect.”

When looked upon under a ultra-violet light, much marine life, especially invertebrates and corals, emit a different wavelength of light, displaying distinctive colors than those a night diver may witness with a standard underwater flashlight. The phenomenon, known as fluorescence, happens when the coral itself appears to glow in shades of green, red or blue.

Inside-OutThough there is no real scientific explanation for this just yet, a common theory is that it acts as a kind of “sun block” for the coral, protecting the zooxanthallae inside from the harmful rays of the sun. This is particularly true to those coral reefs closer to the surface.

The dives start at around 6:30 in the afternoon right off the dock at Buddy Dive Resort. Enjoy the show while your guide leads you into the other-worldly night dive.

One participant of the excursion explained: “This unique Night Dive experience is quite like Alice falling down the rabbit-hole. You will see corals like you have never imagined, in colors you have never seen underwater. Creatures that you were never aware of before will captivate, amaze and delight you.”

Some of the marine life that jumps at you right away include fire-worms, lizard fish, anemones, finger corals, star corals and the sharp tail eel.

TDI, Dive Rite and Buddy Dive are hosting the Tech Diving event from October 13th through October 27th at Buddy Dive Resort. With as many as 60 officially listed dive sites on Bonaire, most of them easily accessible from shore, Bonaire offers the perfect conditions for tech divers. Forget about the hassle of carrying your heavy tech diving gear onto boats, heading out for a long boat ride and hoping for good visibility. If you do decide to come and see us – be sure to ask about the night dive turned inside out.

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