A Tri-Partisan Look at the State of Rebreathers

CCR Pioneers ANDI, IANTD, and TDI to Release Historical Data about rebreathers at Rebreather Forum 3 (RF3)

TDIFor the first time in the history of the scuba diving industry, ANDI, IANTD, and TDI came to an agreement to work together in releasing the total number of divers certified on rebreathers at RF3. Never before has the industry known just how big the CCR (Closed Circuit Rebreather) market is and this data will do just that.

“There is a lot of speculation out there about just how many people learn to dive on CCR’s. With over 20 years of data collectively to provide the industry, I am really glad to participate with Ed Betts, Tom Mount, and Joe Dituri in releasing our certification numbers,” stated Brian Carney, President of TDI.

IANTD“The rebreather industry is fickle and I laud the other big rebreather certification agencies for getting together and setting the record straight. I have never been more excited to be part of this growing culture. Our cooperation is a win for the diving public,” stated Joseph Dituri, Vice President of IANTD.

“Our corroboration will hopefully provide some clarity and result in a stronger, safer industry for all of us,” said Ed Betts, President of ANDI. “Rebreather Forum 3 should be about improving understanding and safety, and safety should not be a competitive issue.”

ANDIDue to the fact that the three companies have slightly different ways of classifying rebreather certifications, the numbers will be broken out as Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced certifications by year. Basic qualifications will include any entry-level program to CCR’s and SCR’s (Semi-Closed Rebreather). Intermediate qualifications will include any training that includes minimal decompression, and finally, Advanced qualifications will include Trimix, and exploratory qualifications. The companies will also be showing the difference between SCR and CCR certifications.

This information will be released after the event for anyone who will not be able to attend. Click here to view the report >

For more information about these three pioneering rebreather companies go to:

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