Beneath the Sea = A HUGE Success!


Thanks to many of you SDI™TDI™ and ERDI™ Members in attendance.

SDI, TDI & ERDi were excited about BTS, and on Sunday afternoon when it was all over, the word “success” came to mind to all involved.

Friday began with Public Safety seminars for most of the day. Attendance at this year’s BTS PSD Seminar was outstanding with representation from all walks of public safety. “I was really pleased with the attendance in addition to the great job BTS did organizing the seminar,” stated Paul Montgomery who presented the subject Testifying in Court.

On Friday night, TDI headed the Tech Party once again, with over a hundred people attending. It was the ideal place for networking and mingling before the two full days ahead at BTS.

“It was a pleasure to work with all the manufacturers and Dive Centers who participated as sponsors at the BTS Tech, Wreck and CCR social. With their assistance, this event is becoming a must attend event year after year,”
said Brian Carney, President of the group that forms SDI, TDI and ERDi.

The show itself had consumers from all over the northeast looking to see what’s new. “It was a well attended show. As usual, there was high interest in everything we offer from SDI’s recreational courses, our tech programs with TDI, especially with the rebreather market that is continuing to grow,” Stated Cris Merz, VP of Sales for the Americas. “ERDi was also ever present with departments from all over the region choosing our organization as their lead training agency while at the professional levels, we had a great number of professionals and dive center owners conducting our crossovers – It was a successful show for us.”

“I would again like to thank BTS and their personnel for delivering a great show to the diving industry in the northeast,” added Merz.

While we know you are already marking your calendar for next year, there are many activities you can still catch up with HQ staff.
International Training will be going next to FDIC and Tacoma in April… and we’d love to see you there.

To learn more please visit or call Cris Merz VP of sales at 207.729.4201

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