Cylinder elearning Training – $39.95 as required by OSHA.

Cylinder Awareness training has long been out of reach for many people due to the difficulty of finding a course in their local area. In addition, it may at times seem very cost prohibitive. That has all changed with the VIP Awareness training course brought to you by SDI, which covers Cylinder Awareness, Air Fill Station Operation Awareness, and Visual Inspection Procedures Awareness topics. For the low cost of $39.95, both you and your staff can maintain the awareness level training required by the CFR.49.172.704(a) by simply taking and finishing this new eLearning course. Sign up today and start meeting the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) requirements.

This course is good for and required by OSHA and any people around high-pressure cylinders which includes Dive Center staff, Boat Operators, Beverage Industry Personnel, and Public Safety Officials.

For more information on CFR.49.172.704(a) click here.

Cylinder Awareness for hazmat employee(s) and why it’s important CFR.49.172.704(a)

  • All employees must undergo hazmat training with 90 days of employment
  • All employees must renew their hazmat training every three years
  • Employers must create and retain training records inclusive and preceding three years
  • Employers recordkeeping must include but is not limited to a certification document

So what is a hazmat employee? Any employee:

  • Who is employed full-time, part-time, on a temporary basis, or self-employed (including an owner-operator of a motor vehicle, vessel, or aircraft)
  • In the course of employment directly affects hazardous materials transportation safety
  • Prepares hazardous materials for transportation
  • Loads, unloads, or handles hazardous materials

Sound difficult and confusing? It’s not and here’s why:

  • Any pressurized cylinder is defined as hazardous
  • Any employee (see above definition) that walks by, affects, or prepares pressurized cylinders needs training
  • ITI’s Visual Inspection Procedures (VIP) online awareness level training can take care of all of this for you

“Full certification in order to conduct a full visual inspection on a cylinder requires additional training with a certified VIP Instructor”. Find one in your local area by clicking below.

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