Dive Planning with EANx, EAD and NOAA Nitrox Tables

Divers may use the same graphic representation of the dive profile, now adding the nitrox mix and appropriate EAD information, to assist in the planning process.

Using EAN36 at a depth of 15 m / 50 ft, with a bottom time of 60 minutes, the diver will surface in pressure group G; after a one hour surface interval, the diver would have a new pressure group of F. For a subsequent dive with EAN36 to a depth of 12 m / 40 ft, with a bottom time of 60 minutes, combined with a residual nitrogen time of 88 minutes, the diver will surface in pressure group I.

Alternate NOAA Nitrox Dive Tables
NOAA (US National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration) has long relied upon the US Navy dive tables for standard use by NOAA divers. In developing their nitrox program, NOAA adopted the use of EAD tables for the planning of nitrox dives.

NOAA quickly focused upon two particular nitrox mixes, EAN32 and EAN36, also known respectively as NOAA Nitrox I and NOAA Nitrox II. These mixes were deemed to be well suited for the particular requirements of NOAA scientific divers. NOAA also developed their own dive tables for these two mixes; in doing so, they simply started with the US Navy dive tables, and then applied the EAD values to the various listed depths.

In theory, these NOAA tables eliminate one step in the dive planning process, but only when using either of these two mixes. In practice, some sport divers like to have them, while others might have no interest in them at all.

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