Diving for Love: A Cave Diver Wedding

Boundaries were broken with a spectacular world record in the heart of a mountain! On the 10th of August, 2019, the world’s largest dive access only, water-locked wedding was held in Plura Cave, Norway. Cave divers from all over the world gathered to join in on this unique happening. 

Cave diving is a misunderstood sport

A common misperception is that cave divers seek thrills and adrenaline. It is commonly thought to be a hazardous and extreme sport. However, this could not be more off-target in the opinion of this couple. To them, cave diving gives a feeling of tranquility. You are one with the elements and completely out of reach from “the outer world”. To cave dive is like following the blood veins of the mountain, seeking the spectacular view from within. In Plura, it is particularly beautiful since the water is stunningly clear most of the time. Normal visibility is up to 40 meters, and during winter time, visibility will often be crystal clear as far as your dive torch can reach.

The heart of the mountain

On the 10th of August, 2019, Norwegian Ina Trælnes and Finnish Jani Santala got married in the heart of the mountain. To get to “The Chapel,” they would have to dive 450 meters into the cave, with beautiful marble passages leading the way.

The cave has a lot of history and so does the farm which is located right next to it. Ina’s family has been on the Jordbrua farm for 6 generations. “For us, it is the most natural thing in the world to keep the wedding in the family cave” Ina remarked. This is also where the happy couple met for the first time, years back.

Jani Santala had been coming to Plura for diving the past decade. He is one of the leading dive instructors in Scandinavia and is specialized in caves and cold-water overhead training. In Plura, he found the love of his life.

Hidden gem

Visiting Plura you get access to the inland mountains, hiking, fishing, caving, and cave diving. As a bonus, the beautiful coastline is only an hour away, and you can easily combine different activities. It is like a hidden gem, waiting to be uncovered.

A major cave destination

The wedding attracted cave divers from all over the world. All in all, 69 divers from 11 countries gathered in the Plura Cave on the big day. They traveled from countries as far away as Japan, Singapore, and Thailand. This clearly shows the power and goodwill of the diving community, gathering across borders, cultures, and countries. 

Ben Reymenants, another TDI IT, is a close friend and was the Minister of the wedding. He was in charge of the ceremony and kept it fun and informal.

A dream come true

We gathered some of the best divers in the world to fulfill our dream of this spectacular wedding, and in the same go, it looks like the cave city of Mo I Rana reached the history books.

What was originally planned to be a small event spun slightly out of control, as more and more divers wanted to join. For non-diving family and friends, the couple set up a live stream of the event out on big screens in a viewing tent. There was a professional underwater film team documenting everything. Even better, the couple had one of the leading underwater photographers in the Nordics, Pekka Tuuri, capturing epic still pictures. If you want to see it yourself, the entire wedding video is available on youtube:

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