How BIG is Tech Diving?

20 Years of Global Dive Certifications Released by TDI, The World’s Largest Technical Diving Organization

For far too long the dive industry has remained cloaked in secrecy regarding who is getting certified and in which courses, especially when it comes to Technical Diving.  We hear many people state that technical diving is an emerging market, but how do we really know this and where is the supporting data?

Brian Carney, President of Technical Diving International (TDI), released 20 years of certification data during his presentation at TEKDiveUSA.  Do you want to know the country in which technical diving enjoys the greatest popularity?  Ever hear someone claim that more people are getting trained in XYZ rebreather than in any other?  These are just two of the data sets that Brian addressed at this highly anticipated presentation.

This is slated to be much more than another boring statistical presentation.  It is the first time any organization has released its certification numbers in detail for the general public to form their own conclusions about the popularity of technical diving courses.

This is a must-see presentation for those seeking an accurate representation of today’s technical diving market.

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8 replies
  1. Peter
    Peter says:

    Interesting. 14K certs per year can’t translate to more than $500K worth of revenue for TDI/SDI. Even if you add the revenue from the instructors (insurance, membership fees, materials, upgrades, etc), it would be hard to imagine breaking the $1M revenue ceiling. I hope there are other source of revenue for TDI/SDI as this does not seem sufficient to keep a business of TDI/SDI’s size afloat.

      SDI/TDI/ERDI says:

      You are correct in your easement of some of our revenue from TDI programs. One of the things we are really good as it working very efficiently with few resources. This allows us to operate at the levels we are and not overprice the certifications for our members.

  2. JD
    JD says:

    Comparing TDI global certifications to USA-only leading agencies sport diver certification numbers is mostly meaningless. On the other hand, assume TDI issues 33% of all tech certifications and we may be looking at around 40,000 technical certifications per year.


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