Now is the Time to Schedule Your Nitrox Courses

Planning your Dive Related Activities for months ahead… on an Expedition or at home!

For some of us summer is just now coming to an end which means completing the course we started over the summer, stowing away the dive gear and breaking out the albums filled with tropical pictures during those extra cold months; others begin early, planning long awaited Expeditions. Does the colder weather mean we have to stop learning new things about diving? Of course not!

In some cases your diving activities will actually increase during the winter, if you are among the group of divers who enjoy ice diving or skating. Taking the SDI Ice Diving course means you still have options to keep you engaged in diving during the frosty months. If you do not necessarily hear the ice “calling your name” another great course to take is nitrox.

Nitrox is one of those courses that everyone should take for several reasons. Safety is a key concern in diving and anything that can be done to increase safety should be…at once. What nitrox does is increase the amount of oxygen you breathe, which decreases the amount of nitrogen you breathe; this, in turn, decreases the nitrogen uptake into your body, provided you dive nitrox according to air computers or table guidelines, of course. Each year we get a little older and our bodies do not process things as they used to, and the way our muscles and tissues process nitrogen are no exception to that rule. Nitrox continues to be the “fountain of youth” for many divers.

Additionally, taking a TDI Nitrox course will get you back together with other divers, thereby increasing the dive buddy network. For those wishing to get into the technical side of diving, this course is the first step.

Most, if not all, locations around the world offer nitrox now, so if you’re planning a trip, why not get course work out of the way first so you can enjoy the vacation and added benefits of diving nitrox once you arrive? With the TDI Nitrox course now offered online, you can complete the academics in the comforts of your home and at a pace that best fits you. Once at your location with the assistance of a TDI™ Dive Professional, you can learn even more and put your new knowledge to the test!

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