RF3 Welcomed Venue by TDI


RF3 NEARS! Attending? Make it a point to look us up!

On May 18th 2012 the third Rebreather Forum (RF3) will be taking place in Orlando, Florida and Technical Diving International™ (TDI™) will be there!

TDI™ has been offering rebreather training since 1995, starting with the first commercially available semi-closed circuit rebreather the Drager Atlantis. Since then we have expanded to over 13 rebreathers that our Pro Members offer training on. A lot has changed in the past seventeen years that TDI™ has been doing rebreather training, and we can assure you we will be a major part of what happens in the next 20 years… and beyond!

For those already involved in rebreathers, a lot of hot topics will be covered and questions posed and answered by some of the industry’s leading experts. For those just getting started or are interested in learning more, there will be presentations given and manufacturers on hand to answer your questions. Representatives from TDI™ will also be there to answer any questions you have about our programs or future plans… stop by and see us!

Let everyone in attendance know that this is not your “first time at the rodeo” and gear up with some cool TDI™ gear and apparel.

Simply visit https://www.tdisdi.com to purchase some cool products that will tell all in attendance you are a proud Pro Member.

For more information about the RF3 event visit: www.diversalertnetwork.org/?a=events&eventNo=928

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