Announcing the Air Diluent Level 1 Course for rEvo CCR

On the heels of receiving CE approval for the rEvo III CCR the TDI Training Team is pleased to announce the roll out of an Air Diluent Level 1 Course.

Originating from a Russian IDA- 71 apparatus, Paul Raymaekers and his Team undertook the unit through a radical transformation only to find it had not met their needs or expectations. That launched the Belgian based manufacturer in a whole new direction scrapping the transformed IDA-71, leaving behind its limitations but moving forward with a whole new set of knowledge. With a total of five system configurations under two models, the rEvo II and the rEvo III, they have one “just right for your adventure at hand,” no matter where your exploration may take you. Take a closer look by visiting

Since its inception, the rEvo CCR have been a point of discussion with many CCR Trainers. That led Brian Carney, President of TDI to say, “There is no doubt of the growing popularity of the rEvo CCR. Over the last couple of years our members have repeatedly requested TD to launch a program, and I am happy to say we have gladly done it and we look forward to working together with Paul and his TEAM at rEvo-Rebreathers”.

Cutting edge technology and cutting edge Training runs well together. We can only imagine how many other new opportunities this will become the launching pad for!

To learn more about TDI and its offerings, please visit for additional information. Contact the TDI Training department by e-mailing or calling 207-729-420.

Get yourself ready, qualified and certified to take advantage of this and many other growing Technical opportunities with TDI!

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