A Dive Collaboration: The Mission “Keep’em Wet”

TDI CCR DiverOn August 16 and 17, a Tech Workshop was hosted at Blue Stone Resort/Quarry in Thomasville, NC. Kudo’s offered to the players involved that helped to help make this event a success, they were: Coral Edge Adventures, Avalon Adventures, Blue Dolphin Dive Center, Blue Stone Resort, Hollis Gear, TDI, and Aquatic Sales.

The marketing effort to bring about this event began only 8 weeks prior and consisted of social media, website presence and email blasts to potential participants.

Divers had the opportunity to experience silent diving with either the Explorer Rebreather or the Prism Rebreather. We also had workshops each day demonstrating Sidemount diving, lift bag drills, reel use/deployment and Intro to Tech Diving. Coral Edge Adventures provided the equipment and all of the dive stores provided instructors to accommodate the turn out for this event. There were 24 workshop classes and 12 rebreather classes conducted over the weekend. A great BBQ lunch was provided for everyone. Hollis Gear donated five LED lights for the first five divers to sign up for class, and each diver had a chance to win a drawing for a new SE 500 Regulator given away at the end of the event.

All-in-all everyone involved was gratified with the success of the weekend. It proves once again that you don’t need an expensive vacation to an exotic destination to have a lot of fun scuba diving.

TDI Tech event

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  1. Chris "DOC" Radley
    Chris "DOC" Radley says:

    It was a really good time. I got a lot out of it and particularly enjoyed the opportunity to try out the Hollis Prism 2 rebreather (yep, that’s the back of my head with the yellow slap strap in the second picture from the top). I’d definitely be up for this next year with hopefully a few new things for those of us that went this year, along with many of this years activities being repeated for those that have not had the chance to experience them. Great group of people across the board made for a lot of fun.


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