TDI rEvo CCR Instructor Course and First TDI rEvo CCR Diver Course in Australia

Takes place at Mount Gambier


It was a big week for new CCR divers Ryan Kaczkowski and Samuel Vermey as they began their rEvo course being taught by rEvo instructor trainee Rubens Monaco.

Having already completed a rEvo diver crossover and then assisted on a full rEvo course with renowned CCR instructor Marc Crane last November, Rubens was now running a full rEvo CCR course under the watchful eyes of rEvo company owner and TDI Instructor Trainer Paul Raymaekers.

Ryan and Samuel had both purchased brand new rEvo Micro FT’s with the new rEvo Monitoring System through our Australian distributor Damien Grigg of DKG Drysuits. Damien personally delivered the units to Mount Gambier for the boys along with other essential equipment to ensure that the course ran smoothly so far away from home.

The hours of the course were long with 6am wakeups and most nights all were still up till 10pm finishing theory. The instructors took great pleasure in having two very enthusiastic students who did not grizzle about the long hours. In fact, they were both so excited about diving on their new toys that they would have stayed up half the night as well if needed!

The course consisted of various theory sessions which were spread out over the five days. There was a long confined water pool session which was completed at the Mt Gambier Aquatic Centre. The open water dives were completed in Gouldens Pond, Little Blue Hole, Kilsbys Hole and one very nice last dive in the world famous Piccannine Ponds.

It was a huge bonus to have the man who made the unit be present throughout the course. The wealth of knowledge which Paul has about his unit was well absorbed by both students and instructor throughout the course. The one aspect about Paul’s presence during the course was that he is truly passionate about his unit. This is not only reflected in the way he talks about the rEvo, but also in the way that he likes rEvo instructors to train divers on his unit. When you combined both TDI standards and rEvo standards into one course, it really does make for a challenging week of knowledge and skill development.

In the end, a big congratulations to Ryan and Samuel for completing their course. We also now have a rEvo Instructor in Australia, and Rubens can be contacted at any time if you have questions about rEvo units or want to book in on a course. A massive thank you to Paul Raymaekers and Marc Crane for traveling to Australia to help run this course. Their assistance and training will hold us in good stead to make sure that this unit flourishes in Australia. Thanks to Michelle, Troy and Sean from TDI for their support throughout the planning stages of the course. Also, a special thanks to Damien Grigg who without his behind the scenes help, this course would not have happened.

If anyone would like any information about rEvo CCR’s or training on this unit, Rubens Monaco can be contacted at or mobile 0413-429-533.

To learn more about TDI Australia or other offices around the world please visit

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