Tech Diving in Bonaire – A Successful Event

Buddy-DiveDid someone say Tech Diving Vacation in the Caribbean with unlimited air/nitrox fills and educational sessions for rebreathers and sidemount diving? I’m in! And so was everyone else.

This past October TDI & Dive Rite hosted the Buddy Dive Tech Event in Bonaire. The event was a huge success, seeing more than 100 divers attend a demo of one kind or another. Demo’s consisted of Optima Closed Circuit Rebreathers, diving with doubles, carrying a stage bottle or trying sidemount diving with all new equipment from Dive Rite.

During the days, deep trimix dives were conducted for the seasoned divers either on CCR’s or Open Circuit to many places never seen before by divers in Bonaire. After sunset, divers attended presentations by Lamar Hires, Pete Nawrocky, and Brian Carney on a number of different technical topics ranging from Solo Diving, photography while technical diving and cave diving around the world. Each day was packed with activities and information all geared at educating and advancing divers. Closing out the day typically consisted of a cold beverage with friends discussing the highlights and planning tomorrow’s dive.

If you did not have the chance to attend this year’s Buddy Dive Tech Event at Bonaire, keep your eyes and ears posted. Details about next year will be surfacing shortly. Brian Carney adds, “The 2 weeks were a huge success and I look forward to next year’s event. Thanks to everyone who helped make this possible and we hope to see you next time around.”

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