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Stage Cave Instructor

Stage Cave Instructor

The Stage Cave Diving instructor course is designed to give the trained cave diving instructor the increased knowledge and basic fundamentals for teaching  extended bottom times and increased penetration with the use of a stage cylinder. How to teach lengthened bottom times, accumulative decompression obligations and complex dive planning are covered in this course. Conveying safe techniques, procedures and skill perfection associated with stage cave diving is emphasized.

Subject areas include:

  • Equipment Considerations
  • Cave Environment/Conservation
  • Stage Diving Techniques Suitable for the Cave Environment
  • Problem Solving when Stage Cave Diving
  • Proper Use of a Guideline and Reels

Stage Cave Instructor Prerequisites:

  • Be an active TDI Full Cave Diving Instructor for at least 1 year
  • Have taught at least 5 complete cave diver courses
  • Provide proof of at least 25 logged stage penetration dives
  • Co-taught at least 1 TDI Stage Cave Diver Course with and active TDI Stage Cave Diver Instructor

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