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The Scuba Diving Show Brazil is an annual event that brings together the best scuba diving professionals from the country and around the world. It is considered the most comprehensive scuba diving show in Brazil, as it not only gathers recreational, technical, and free diving professionals but also includes participation from professionals in public safety diving, such as firefighters and police. SDI was there representing via our Brazil Regional Office

The event is a unique opportunity for divers and nature enthusiasts to come together and share their experiences. Additionally, the Scuba Diving Show Brazil is a significant milestone in the country, as it promotes both national and international tourism, equipment and services, and diving courses.

The event occurs yearly at the Senac Santo Amaro University Center in São Paulo. It features an extensive schedule of lectures and exhibitors presenting a wide range of diving equipment and services. In the main foyer, spanning over 900m², you can find exhibitors showcasing national and international tourism and diving equipment and services. In the 200-seat auditorium, lectures are held on topics such as diving medicine, public safety diving, national and international tourism, equipment, and other related subjects.

Tremendous success at the 5th Edition of the Scuba Diving Show Brazil 2023!

The Scuba Diving Show Brazil had its humble beginnings in 2017 when the event’s creator conceived the idea of establishing a diving celebration independent of specific training agencies.

The event started in Brasília, the coordinator’s hometown, as a pilot project that has now evolved into the largest diving event in Latin America.

The accomplishments of the last edition were awe-inspiring, elevating it to the position of the biggest event in Latin America. The gathering saw prominent figures from the Brazilian and international diving market participating, including companies from the global tourism sector.

More than a thousand enthusiasts attended the event, witnessing 14 lectures by renowned diving professionals.

Notable among the presentations were those aimed at professional divers, such as the one given by Paula Loque, owner of Mar a Mar in Belo Horizonte, and the talk about high-pressure risks presented by Cezar, a representative from the specialized ScubaLab equipment maintenance company.

The main hall was filled with novelties, hosting booths from companies directly related to diving and adjacent sectors. Notable stands included Galaxy Diver from Galápagos, specializing in liveaboard diving, and the acclaimed action camera company GoPro. AV Divers and Brazilian dive resorts like Canto do Ilé and Pousada do Frezza were also present.

Industry figures were honored throughout the event for their contributions to the diving world. For the first time in Brazil, a diving event established this kind of recognition, honoring professionals who excelled in various diving spheres, ranging from environmental conservation to medicine, tourism, and safety.

Dr. Gabriel Ganme, a diving doctor and instructor, was awarded the “Exceptional Contribution to the Diving Community” prize for his years of work in training professionals and promoting safe diving and underwater medicine. This honor was also extended to another notable Brazilian, instructor Ricardo Lalo Muerer, owner of Scuba Point, who was also recognized for his “Exceptional Contribution to the Diving Community.” These two pioneers will select future awardees and keep the tradition alive.

This distinction aims to honor those who have made exceptional contributions to the diving industry, providing them with the recognition they deserve and highlighting their achievements within the diving community. This initiative echoes prestigious awards from other fields, such as the Oscars in cinema and the Pulitzer Prize in journalism and literature, which celebrate excellence.

Other highlights from the Brazilian market were also recognized. Paula Loque, owner of the Mar a Mar diving school, was honored as the Outstanding Businesswoman of the Year 2023, acknowledging her entrepreneurship in the diving scene for over 30 years. Daniel Junqueira from Dive Resort Canto do Ilé was also awarded for his commitment to excellence in services provided at his resort and dive center.

Furthermore, businessman Daniel Frezza was elected as the Emerging Entrepreneur of 2023, thanks to the rapid rise of his Pousada do Frezza on Ilha Grande (RJ), which quickly became a symbol of quality and dedication to diving, possibly being the first to our knowledge, to offer Nitrox refills on the island.

The SDI/TDI training organization was present with a huge stand, talking to the professionals attending. At the end of Friday, before starting the party, he presented TDI/SDI members with awards for the best school and instructor of 2023; the winners were Dive For Fun 1st. Place in School of the Year 2023, Scuba Point 2nd. Place in School of the Year 2023, Aqualander 3rd. Place in School of the Year 2023. Instructor Thales Barizon won the SDI Instructor of the Year 2023 award, and instructor Robson Felipelli won the TDI Instructor of the Year 2023 award.

Finally, the Brand of the Year award for 2023 went to CRESSI Brazil for being an exceptional supporter of the diving market, being present at all diving events, and helping to develop the Brazilian diving market in all sectors.

TDI Celebration

Sponsored by TDI (Technical Diving International), the TDI Tech Party illuminated the evening of Friday, August 4th, from 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM with a vibrant gathering filled with music from a talented DJ and free-flowing drinks. Each attendee received a personalized glass and exciting prizes distributed through raffles held during the event. Among these prizes was the special giveaway of Dive Rite’s CX2 model dive lights, generously provided by the well-established brand.

Exciting Raffles

The raffles held on Saturday, August 4th, were an exceptionally thrilling aspect of the event. The total value of the prizes exceeded 100,000 Brazilian reais.

Among the prizes drawn were various trips, diving equipment, and courses. Particularly noteworthy were the raffles for an experience for two divers at the Antony Keys Resort in Roatán, covering all aspects (diving, accommodation, transportation, meals). In current terms, the estimated value of this trip is around USD 10,000.

Another highlight was the raffle for a week aboard the Galaxy Divers Liveaboard in the magnificent Galápagos Islands, including all aspects (liveaboard, meals, and dives). The approximate value of this experience is USD 5,600.

The renowned company Shearwater, a leader in dive computer production, enriched the event by raffling two units of the advanced Shearwater Peregrine, personally handed to the lucky winners.

During the main hall event, CRESSI also raffled off a NEON Dive Computer, and SEASUB raffled off a diving buoyancy control device (BCD).

Other raffles included diving courses and trips. AV Dive raffled dives in Bonaire, and diving schools like Scuba Point and Dive For Fun raffled diving courses.

High-Level Conferences and Lectures

The Scuba Diving Show Brazil has the noble mission of promoting diving and tourism and fostering safety in the sport.

In this spirit, a Cavern Navigation Roundtable stood out, bringing together notable instructors specialized in this modality: Romeu Dib, Thiago Somera, Eduardo Macedo, Ricardo Lalo, João Franco “Johnny,” with skillful moderation by Marcus Caldeira.

The outcomes of this discussion were compiled into a report accessible on the Scuba Show Brazil website. 

A diverse range of lectures also enriched the event; all focused on reinforcing safety in diving. The presentations about using special features in Shearwater dive computers were notable, delivered by José Mário, who came directly from Canada for this purpose.

Another significant lecture was conducted by PFI Instructor Trainer Carol Schrappe , addressing freediving in the film and tv industry, our work in the filming of Avatar 2: Way of Water , and the role technology plays in underwater filmmaking and freediving stunt work.

Hailing from Chile, Public Safety Diver Instructor and ERDI ambassador Patrício Galaz delivered a standout lecture specifically aimed at Public Safety Divers (PSD) in the country. His presentation covered Underwater Forensic Investigation. The auditorium was attended by divers from the Army, Navy, and Fire Department of São Paulo and Goiás, all attentive to the valuable shared information.


The Scuba Diving Show Brazil exceeded all expectations, proving to be a triumph for diving enthusiasts and the industry. With massive public participation and the presence of key market players, the event stood out as a reference in the sector and the largest in Latin America!

During the event, divers and enthusiasts could explore the latest equipment and technologies and dive into lectures and workshops conducted by renowned experts. The diversity of products and services offered further propelled business activities, highlighting the potential of the diving market in Brazil.

The flawless organization of the event enabled visitors and exhibitors to establish valuable connections, solidifying partnerships and strengthening the industry.

The event generated over R$ 200,000 in direct and indirect business. The Scuba Diving Show Brazil solidifies itself as an essential meeting point for those looking to stay ahead of trends and opportunities in the underwater realm.

The success was so significant that we are already looking forward to the next edition, scheduled for August 2nd and 3rd, 2024, which promises to be even more grand and inspiring. Cheers to the success of the Scuba Diving Show Brazil!

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