March 2015 Instructor Trainier Workshop in Israel

by Ilan Berkovich:
ITW IsraelIt took some time, effort, and commitment (about 15 years worth) to become an Instructor Trainer Evaluator within the International Training family, and I was finally able to conduct the first ever Instructor Trainer Workshop in Israel. This program started on March 8th and was completed on March 15th 2015. During this time, the Instructor Trainer candidates covered many topics such as methods of professional instruction, the role of the instructor trainer, standards and procedures and evaluation techniques.

The program was very intense and brought them to the proverbial finish line of understanding their role as the future educators and ambassadors to the next generation of professionals for SDI, TDI, and ERDI. The program was a great experience and was a fantastic success.

I would like to take a moment and share the overview of the course with you. We started the first day in the classroom at a new facility in the International Training family, Manta Dive Center – a beautiful facility on the Red Sea. After the paperwork and introductions were made, their first classroom session began and the candidates started to understand and embrace the expectations of the course. In the following days, the candidates conducted numerous presentations covering many levels of instruction (and some non-diving related hilarious stuff) allowing others to hone in on their evaluation techniques at various levels. Many discussions were had on the evaluating process, along with brainstorming sessions on improving their techniques to the point where they all understood their roles and what they needed to achieve when preparing future instructors. Candidates always contribute many new points of view and great ideas that make these programs an ever evolving process.

The final two days were spent in the lovely waters of the Red Sea using Deep-Siam (International Training Regional Office) utilizing the amazing beaches for in-water and rescue skills, and confined/open water sessions during the water part evaluations. The program was completed with great success and I am proud and confident knowing these Instructor Trainer’s have so much knowledge to pass on to new professional members and will continue on developing the next great generation of educators for the industry as a whole.

For more information on the next Instructor Trainer Workshops, follow this link,

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