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Hypothermia - A Womans Response

Hypothermia: A Woman’s Response

Do you know the differences in the male and female bodies which make them respond to cold differently? This can be important to consider when potentially talking about or even performing an ice rescue. We’re exploring more about the things that cause females and males to react differently when hypothermia is in question.
augustus 11, 2021/door Adolfo Ruiz Cantero

Crime Scene Investigation vs. Non-Evidence Recovery

Do you know the difference between crime scene recovery and non-evidence recovery? The differences might not be as great as you think. In this article, we will look at the similarities and differences between these two types of recovery.
december 9, 2020/door admin

Victim Care for Ice Rescue Operations

Professional surface ice rescue technicians must have an understanding of victim physiology when attempting to rescue an individual that is immersed in freezing water.
januari 17, 2018/door admin

The Contrast Between Surface Ice & Ice Diving Operations

In many parts of the country, fall weather has arrived and winter is right around the corner. Rescue professionals must gear up for both ice rescue and ice recovery operations.
oktober 19, 2017/door admin

Surface vs Subsurface Crime Scene Investigation

The way public safety officers investigate a crime scene on the surface vs underwater seems like it might be different. Truth is, they're exactly the same! The only thing that truly makes them different is the fact that one is underwater and one is on dry land.
maart 10, 2017/door admin

Dynamic Characteristics to a Surface Ice Rescue Operation

As with all rescue techniques, procedures, and methods, they all require professional training. Ice Rescue Systems, offers student and instructor training courses
oktober 17, 2016/door Rob O'Goodenow

The Most Contaminated Dive: Recovering Human Remains

It’s a late Thursday evening, the shift operator at the…
september 25, 2013/door Rob O'Goodenow

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