Something looks new

By John Bentley

The SDI, TDI, ERDI elearning system has always been ahead of the curve, after all it was the first scuba elearning system released. Technology changes though, so we constantly adapt and evolve. Our most recent evolution is the signup and exit portions of our elearning system. We’ve reduced signup by over 10 pages, upgraded our online waiver system, and made it leaps and bounds smoother to get started.

Whether your shop uses codes or unique URLs, your students will be in their course faster than ever, spending less time entering information and clicking through page after page. Not only is it more streamlined but the interface has a fresh look.

Another change is the medical release is no longer online, it’s downloaded by the student to print, sign, and bring to class. Both the medical and the liability waiver are located after the completion of the course. Instructors should still collect physical forms from the students.

If a student purchases a course directly from the website, they will choose a dive center after the course has been completed. This allows the student to be engaged and excited by the academics before searching around for a dive center, increasing their commitment opportunities.

To visualize these changes, we’ve updated our video guides. Check them out below and start integrating them into your pre-course emails.

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