Another online first from Scuba Diving International

Leadership/Instructor Crossover Orientation


“It had to come,” says Sean Harrison, Vice President of Training and Member Services for SDI the undisputed leader in online training for the dive industry with more than 65,000 online courses completed.

Harrison, talking to a gathering of training professionals was describing the latest chapter in the company’s impressive run at developing a full curriculum of diver training courses through its eLearning Program ( Professional Online Crossovers.

“We have enjoyed an unprecedented demand from dive instructors wanting to join our SDI team,” he said. “They teach for other sport agencies, and either want to add SDI programs to bolster their career, or, more and more, want to switch to SDI fully because they find the benefits offered by our programs better suit them and their business goals.”

Harrison explained that the new online program, Leadership/Instructor Crossover Orientation, has been in full operation since the late fall and was developed by the same in-house group who have put SDI’s open water, nitrox, wreck, deep, and navigation programs available via internet access. “The real benefit of having our very own programmers and beta-testing people is that they know diving, they know the industry and in developing these programs is that they work right off the bat with no delays and no downtime. But the advantages of offering this orientation course online are actually much greater than with any online course we’ve developed in the past,” he said.

“Crossover candidates can go online when it suits them, and work through what is an extremely comprehensive and detailed grounding on everything they need to prepare them for their final meeting with an SDI or TDI instructor Trainer prior to being accepted and inducted as members.”

The online Leadership/Instructor Crossover Orientation is updated as standards and course outlines change and is available as a resource for any crossover SDI leadership at any time… “So it’s an excellent way to keep current and refresh one’s knowledge.”

Harrison said that many SDI facilities have found the online orientation a boon when they hire new staff. “These professionals can devote quality time to their orientation in their own time well before starting their new assignment, and be ready to teach SDI programs starting on day one of employment.”

There are no stand alone fees for this online course but the program is a required and integral part of the crossover process and is included in the $399 crossover price.


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