Scuba Diver, a Day in the Life

scuba_diver-blue-heron-bridgeIt’s a late Friday morning in the office and I should be wrapping up some projects for the week but what am I really doing? Thinking about diving… As I scan through diving images and scroll through the latest and greatest equipment catalogs, I can’t help but count down the hours until my next dive.  What can I say? I am a scuba diver.

The change my lifestyle would take after becoming a certified diver was not part of the lesson plan in my Open Water Scuba Diver course. I find myself noticing red and white dive flags more than ever and striking up conversations with people in the grocery store who are wearing scuba related T-shirts. I didn’t realize I would be welcomed into a global community of some of the friendliest people on the planet who want nothing more than to share their passion of diving.

My social circle expanded dramatically after becoming a scuba diver with people who don’t even mind seeing snot on my face after surfacing from a dive. Fortunately my new scuba friends are kind enough to tell me to wipe my nose, most of the time… It’s not out of the ordinary to find us at the local hangout after a day of diving talking about just that, diving! Whether we’re discussing what we saw that day, new gear, different techniques, hints tips and suggestions for one another, we all seem to have one thing in mind; dive more and see more in the water.

The world seemed so much bigger after I became a scuba diver when I realized there are so many dive destinations to visit. I found myself asking challenging and fairly bizarre new questions; do I want to plan a trip nonstop shore diving in the Caribbean or spend a week nonstop diving on a live-aboard in the Pacific? I never imaged asking myself these kinds of questions until my life changed when I became a diver.

As I sit in my office thinking about diving, I have to smile when I consider the positive effects becoming a certified scuba diver had on my lifestyle. My social network increased and expanded all around the world, I’ve been able to see and experience things few have before and the financial investment is seemingly small compared to the enormous return. My overall happiness has increased due to the fact that I am a scuba diver.

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